Never say Never! 

It’s been almost one year since Abigail applied for an Ann Bancroft Foundation "Dare to Dream" Micro Grant to support her desire to “be a Model” and attend the Model Boot Camp program in Minneapolis, MN offered by MsDENISHIA.  Since then, a once very shy, not so adventurous, going into middle school young girl has blossomed into an open to try new things, confident, vibrant seventh grader.  How did that happen?  Receiving the Ann Bancroft Micro Grant helped a lot, and was the start of an amazing experience for Abigail at the perfect time as she prepared to move to a new school setting.  As an established African American Model,  MsDENISHIA's passion for helping young girls engage in the modeling industry combined with her high expectation for professionalism provided a strong role model for  Abigail, whose family originated from Liberia when she was six years old.  We also greatly appreciated the belief of MsDENISHIA that “education, motivation and preparation is the equation for success.” 

Abigail attended the Model Boot Camp in August 2009.  She recalls “I was so nervous because I thought there was going to be a lot of people.  The first thing we did was practice walking down the runway.  I was scared but what amazed me was that when I walked down the runway everybody said I did good, so I was happy about that.  Next MsDENISHIA talked about modeling agencies including what to look out for and she created a complete guide book to take us through the process.”

The photo shoot with well known fashion photographer John Wagner followed on August 29th.  “That day I had butterflies".  I never thought that I was going to make it this far.  I was happy that my sister and Jackie (my mentor) were there to support me.  My first look was outside and it was so windy and cold.  That was a true Model moment!  My next look was inside and I wore pumps that seemed like six inches high but I liked it because I felt like a Model.  Then we tried a 70's look and I had on a blond 70's wig.  "It was so funny.”   

From the Model Boot Camp experience Abigail learned a lot about life in general.  At one of our many processing sessions Abigail recalled “MsDENISHIA told me ‘Never say never".  To tell you the truth I never thought I was going to get this grant.  I also never thought I could really become a Model but now I know to never stop dreaming.  It's the same thing in life.  Never say never and don't stop dreaming.  Once you put your mind to it you can do it!” 

After completing the MSDENISHIA.COM Model Boot Camp, "Be The Star That You Are" Abigail was invited to speak about her experience (along with Ann Bancroft) at several home fundraising events for the Ann Bancroft Foundation.  There Abigail got to not only further develop her public speaking skills and sense of self confidence, but also give back to the organization that supported her dream.  As Abigail’s mentor, I am grateful for the opportunity to support her during this very important and exciting time in her life; and am especially grateful for the generosity of spirit and resources provided by the Ann Bancroft Foundation and MsDENISHIA.  

For more information about The Ann Bancroft Foundation visit:

To learn more about MsDENISHIA and the Model Boot Camp visit: WWW.MSDENISHIA.COM   

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Levin

Jackie Levin

Photoshoot coach for models in Minneapolis area
The Abigail Story...
Model and actor coach in Minneapolis, MN
Model boot camp in St. Paul, MN
Modeling boot camp for all ages in Minneapolis, MN

Neah's first photo, She was 3 years old. Special thank you to John Wagner and MsDenishia The Model Coach for helping us start her career in Modeling! She loves doing it and you made it easy for her. Because of MsDenishia's Modeling Boot Camp, My Daughter Neah has signed with Wehmann Agency, Moore Creative, Angency Models and Perfectly Petite. Without the knowledge of the bootcamp we would not be close to where we are. This is a definite MUST if you are interested in becoming a model...Take advantage of this opportunity. #blessings Necole W.

Love you MsDenishia...We really go back 20 years! Makeup Artist Rhonda Jackson 

Hi MsDenishia it's me Abigail, I want thank you for everything. Learned a lot and I been practicing. Thanks again for loaning me the designer jacket, I loved it. 

Just want to thank you for taking the time to work with me on my runway skills. I truly learned a lot and have already started to practice what you taught me. Thanks again...I hope our paths meet again. Kari L.

Alumni Reunion with these Beauties and MsDenishia Model Coach for Women Of Color Gathering Fashion Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. ~ EliNymal Both Fashion Designer and Model

Thank you very much for our time with you and the photo shoot. It was great for me to see how lovely my daughter has grown up. Catherine H.

Thanks MsDenishia The Model Coach for sharing time with me and allowing me to share information with your Students. Jordan Lee Producer/Casting Agent

Photo shoot went well today. Kelsey F.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING THIS WEEKEND! I learned so much from you. I hope to be successful like you someday:-) Laura K.

Just registered for Modeling Boot Camp. SUPER EXCITED to work with her (MsDenishia).
Time to get serious about eating better and working out. Dekisa J.

Hi MsDenishia this is Tiera I just wanted to thank you for giving me chance to be in your boot camp. I had a great time and you are a real inspiration! I think what your doing is great!  

I attended MsDenishia’s modeling boot camp and it has greatly improved my outlook on the modeling industry. I gained valuable tips on how to get started in the business and received constructive criticism on my walk technique as well as my modeling portfolio which I was preparing to show on auditions. I recently decided to enter the fashion industry and thankfully this class was required for me to attend as part of a show I was performing in. Thanks MsDenishia!!!!! Juanica, NC (Now Book Author)

Was a pleasure & hope to work with ya soon! Best wishes on all your endeavors & stay blessed as well." "Yes, I second that! Thanks so much - we learned a lot! :)" Koryn & Kareema Gadsden (Twins) Columbia, MD

Thank you for everything, it was very informative! Karrie

The modeling boot camp was a fantastic experience. I got an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. This program is extremely comprehensive, I still review the material we learned at that boot camp often since it was so valuable. 

The other wonderful thing is the continous support as a MBC graduate you receive from Msdenishia, she has been a great resource all along my career. 

To date, I have been to photo shoots for Target, American Girl, Bone Marrow, Wii, A&E, Best Buy and many more. I have had an opportunity to work with companies like Buffalo Wild Wings, Zimmer Spine as well Sunny Hair. I also had the chance to be selected for the MsDenishia's Models Calendar for 2009. This has been a rewarding experience that all started at the Modeling Boot Camp. Grace N.

Yes, thanks so much - we learned a lot! :-) Kareema G. 

Thank you so much for the amazing weekend! Mackenzie has made leaps and bounds and found a new love for something I don't think she thought she had in her. Smiles :) Jaime E. 

I just wanted to congratulate you on a very professional and successful bootcamp! I was very impressed, it was well worth it. You did a greatttt job! Corey N. Collins, CNC Graphics & Design

MsDenishia, just a note to thank you for the opportunity you gave Jordyn with your Modeling Boot Camp! It was a great weekend for her, and a real boost for her self-esteem. I can't tell you how much it means to her that she won the photo shoot. You have been very kind....and we appreciate all you've done! I hope we can keep in touch, Deanna Nesvold (Mother)

Once again I want to say thank you for everything you did for us. I appreciate the time you took to teach us what we need to know to go forward. May God continue to bless you and get you further then you are now. Have a Bless Day, CoWano Stanley

Denishia, I just want to thank you for letting me be apart of your boot camp. It is a wonderful program and I did learn a lot about how business goes. Thank you for taking your time out to provide others with wisdom and knowledge they did not have. You are truly blessed. Keep striving for more because God is not through with you yet. You have so much coming…. Shakria

Ms Denishia, I just wanted to say thank you, I had a great time at Boot Camp I'm glad I participated in it. I also was thinking about what you said about needing an assistant and I would be interested in working with you. Constance Anderson

Ms Denishia - just a note to say thank you for such a fun weekend. You are masterful at what you do. I felt that the experience you gave us was educational, informative, and far more practical than other modeling schools. Your experience, grasp of the business side of life, and concise feedback will go a long way to helping launch your models as professionals. I was bragging boot camp up at Shop NBC, and told them I got a lot out of it, even with all my years in the biz. so, thank you and know that I think you are fabulous at whatever you touch, so know you will be a great success at anything you do.Adios my friend, and thank you again! Cat Thompson, Reality Engineer (age 50+)

Thanks so much, it was an awsome experience! I loved it! -Emily Beach

I would truly like to thank you for the wonderful photo shoot, Ihad a blast. It truly means the world to me that you are taking time outof you busy schudule to help me pursue my dreams. I truly believe god putpeople in your live for a reason and I am glad that he put you in mine. Thank you for everything, Ashley

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