How to find a legit Agency : How to find a legit Agency
If you want to know how to find a reputable modeling agency, get paid for your work as a model, walk the runway in professional fashion shows, and become a serious actor, you have found the right company! 

The world of modeling and acting can be extremely rewarding with proper coaching and management. Be trained by one of the best-respected models and actresses in the industry. MSDENISHIA™ THE MODEL COACH and her Modeling Boot Camp (MBC) team of industry professionals care about helping you become a real model/actor and finding the right agent. You can book local and national campaigns, just like many aspiring talent have done, right after our training! 

We're your guide to success! MSDENISHIA™  has her own start-up modeling agency and talent company for all MBC alumni launching this year. We will help you find the best agencies in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, LA, Philadelphia, and other major cities. Your career is not limited – you gain a model coach and support system for life!

Don’t miss out! The Official MSDENISHIA™ MODELING BOOT CAMP "Be the Star That You Are!" program is in high demand. In just one weekend, learn how you can break into the business of modeling/acting and start working with top photographers, TV producers and clients. You will develop all the necessary skills needed to land auditions and get booked right away.

MBC Talent success stories include print ads for Target, Macy's, JCPenny, Sears, Best Buy, Walgreens, Nabisco, Lionsgate Films, Lifetouch, Taymark, Evereve, and Planned Parenthood; paid fashion shows; acting in top TV shows, such as Scandal, live stage plays, and films; book covers, and much more.  

Thousands aspire and dream of becoming a professional model or movie star. Sign up today and let us help you make this a reality!!!

MSDENISHIA™ The "Top Model Coach" for Kids, Teens and Adults is a one stop Management Company.  A Professional Model for over 20 that educates aspiring Models/Talent and their Parents to give them the reality of what it takes to be discovered in The Industry. Also playing the role of a Mother Agent/Manager to guide you in all steps of your career to help with basic to game changing decisions. Why not learn from the best in the business. The Official 2 Day Modeling Boot Camp Program offers hands on training with #MNSUPERMODEL. Everyone gets the same quality of commitment for developing future STARS...this can be you! Come Walk the Runway, Work the Camera and be ready to book your next audition. It doesn't really matter if you're a Male, Female, young or older, we can train you to look, walk and act like a Model.
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It’s been almost one year since Abigail applied for an Ann Bancroft Foundation "Dare to Dream" Micro Grant to support her desire to “be a Model” and attend the Model Boot Camp program in Minneapolis, MN offered by MsDENISHIA. Since then, a once very shy, not so adventurous, going into middle school young girl has blossomed into an open to try new things, confident, vibrant seventh grader. How did that happen? Receiving the Ann Bancroft Micro Grant helped a lot, and was the start of an amazing experience for Abigail at the perfect time as she prepared to move to a new school setting. As an established African American Model, MsDENISHIA's passion for helping young girls engage in the modeling industry combined with her high expectation for professionalism provided a strong role model for Abigail, whose family originated from Liberia when she was six years old. We also greatly appreciated the belief of MsDENISHIA that “education, motivation and preparation is the equation for success.” 

Abigail attended the Model Boot Camp in August 2009. She recalls “I was so nervous because I thought there was going to be a lot of people. The first thing we did was practice walking down the runway. I was scared but what amazed me was that when I walked down the runway everybody said I did good, so I was happy about that. Next MsDENISHIA talked about modeling agencies including what to look out for and she created a complete guide book to take us through the process.”

The photo shoot with well known fashion photographer John Wagner followed on August 29th. “That day I had butterflies". I never thought that I was going to make it this far. I was happy that my sister and Jackie (my mentor) were there to support me. My first look was outside and it was so windy and cold. That was a true Model moment! My next look was inside and I wore pumps that seemed like six inches high but I liked it because I felt like a Model. Then we tried a 70's look and I had on a blond 70's wig. "It was so funny.”  

From the Model Boot Camp experience Abigail learned a lot about life in general. At one of our many processing sessions Abigail recalled “MsDENISHIA told me ‘Never say never". To tell you the truth I never thought I was going to get this grant. I also never thought I could really become a Model but now I know to never stop dreaming. It's the same thing in life. Never say never and don't stop dreaming. Once you put your mind to it you can do it!” 

After completing the MSDENISHIA.COM Model Boot Camp, "Be The Star That You Are" Abigail was invited to speak about her experience (along with Ann Bancroft) at several home fundraising events for the Ann Bancroft Foundation. There Abigail got to not only further develop her public speaking skills and sense of self confidence, but also give back to the organization that supported her dream. As Abigail’s mentor, I am grateful for the opportunity to support her during this very important and exciting time in her life; and am especially grateful for the generosity of spirit and resources provided by the Ann Bancroft Foundation and MsDENISHIA.  

For more information about The Ann Bancroft Foundation visit:

To learn more about MsDENISHIA and the Model Boot Camp visit: WWW.MSDENISHIA.COM  

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Levin

Jackie Levin
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How to find a legit Agency


Hello Aspiring Models/Talent,

Are you wondering how to find a legit Agency? Well first ask yourself are you even ready to be a work. Have you had any Modeling or Acting training? Do you have a Model Portfolio that is competitive and has the right size photos with a variety of looks or Actors Head Shot?  Do you know how to really move in front of the camera like a professional Model or deliver a script? If not you're wasting time going straight to any Agency an it's going to be hard for a legit Agency to take you serious. 

None the less, step one is to do a Google search under local Modeling or Talent Agencies in whatever distance you're willing to travel for auditions since you may not get booked right away. Do not fall for ads that say "Modeling Jobs", "Acting Careers Now" or  "Modeling Agents Hiring"! Agencies don't hire Models their clients do through a process called auditions or bookings. Many of these advertisements don't tell you that there is a huge cost just to be seen by legit clients many outside the local markets and you're responsible for your own travel expenses. Be careful of websites without a direct phone number. You should be able to reach a live person or leave a message and receive a call back within a respectable amount of time no more than a few weeks if they're super busy. Also watch out for Agencies that want you to pay for auditions or to be signed with them. 

Remember Agencies have normal business hours but may have a half day on Saturday for Open Model Calls but not regularly. Some advertisements will you big names to get you to show up and yes some of the Kids, Teens or Adults that participated in their programs may have gone to do well but it's usually after an unexpected cost is requested for a Model/Showcase which may require traveling outside of your area or state. 

Keep in mind that a Modeling School is for training and can be totally legit but do your research since they do charge for their services/coaching. A Modeling 
School may or may not have an Agency associated with it which is ok if you need training. 

Bottom line is Modeling Schools charge for training and Agencies don't ask you for money to be signed with them. There are some small fees such as being posted on the agency website but in this case you will definitely need the right Modeling Tools to get started. This includes not only includes a great Model Portfolio but also Model comp cards. But, it does not mean selfies or photos shot by an unknown photographer who has never worked for real commercial clients. This is where a lot of new Models/Talent fail when they try to skip over investing in themselves in order to be prepared to work with a legit Agency. So don't let this be you! 

I hope this #modelblog was helpful. Please leave your feedback. 

Thanks for visiting my page and remember to follow me @msdenishia and our Agency THE MODEL BOUTIQUE & CO. @msdenishiamodelcoach

Until next time #modelalert with #mnsupermodelmsdenshia

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